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Coaching vs Consulting


A coach focuses on the future and sees possibilities. His/her focus remains on your desired outcome, your goal. What is challenging, and how can you overcome it? There is no judgment or condemnation, no right or wrong. Everything is assessed based on this goal. Does what you are doing work or not? If not, what do you need to do, think, feel, say, or be differently to achieve what you desire?

Business coaching and consultancy from MAVA Coaching

A coach believes in you, believes in your goal, and guides you to achieve it. A coach has no answers but guides you to find your own answers. Together, we explore how to reach your goal, and the answers gradually emerge from within you. You are the expert of yourself, of your company. A coach is the expert in guiding your thought process, creating clarity, changing perspectives, altering emotions/energy, changing habits, changing your communication—all with the aim of achieving your desired outcome. A coach guides, motivates, celebrates victories, and provides honest feedback. A coach is objective, treats everything confidentially, and has no personal agenda. A coach asks questions, and you provide the answers.

The coach's commitment lies in your commitment to your goal. By that I mean: as long as you are committed to your goal, to achieving a specific outcome, the coach has a commitment to guide you to achieve it. As a coach, I can tackle any challenge. No challenge is too big or too complex! Because this is a co-creation process in which you are the content expert, and the coach is the structural expert.


A consultant is focused on solving problems. He/she looks to the past and provides systems/processes that have worked in the past in a similar situation to solve a specific problem. A consultant is an expert in solving this particular problem by training or by experience. A consultant provides the answers, and you ask the questions. A consultant believes in his/her method.

If you have a specific problem or goal and you don't know how to get there, depending on the collaboration contract, the consultant takes one of the following attitudes:

  • Advisory - the consultant tells you which path to follow to get where you want to be.

  • Executive - the path you choose is then executed by the consultant.

The consultant's commitment lies in his/her method to solve your problem. If you want a different method or you have a problem for which the consultant's method does not work, the consultant cannot assist you further and the collaboration ends.

Coaching vs consultancy


As a coach/consultant I move between both areas. As a coach consultant, I act as a coach to find out exactly what you want, providing you with complete freedom. Then I act as consultant/advisor by offering a framework of what works to achieve your goals. If you agree to follow this framework, I revert to the role of a coach to personalize this framework for you and your company. After commitment, I assist in the implementation of your new strategy and overcoming obstacles during implementation. 

Specific business areas I can act as a consultant include: Vision, Leadership, and the formation of a culture of happy employees, collaboration, and productivity.

The role of coach/consultant is more Collaborative - As a coach, I guide AND as a consultant, I advise, offer methodologies, brainstorm, and work with you on a particular strategy to achieve your goal.



Mava Coaching - Business and personal coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Mava Coaching assists entrepreneurs and leaders in creating an inspiring vision and building a high-performing, happy, and collaborative culture, making growth possible and easy, and ensuring that goals/vision are achieved in a positive way for all involved.

The aim is to elevate yourself and/or your business to the next level in a way that considers the happiness and well-being of all involved.

We consider both the personal side of the entrepreneur/leader as well as the growth of the company. Because, in the end, we are all just human beings with a multitude of emotions and desires, and our lives are more than just work. And all these aspects in our lives affect each other.  At MAVA Coaching, you are in good hands. You are no longer alone.

MAVA Coaching - Your partner in personal and professional growth.

For whom:

  • For entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized companies

  • For solo entrepreneurs with the objective of becoming a small to medium-sized company

  • For ambitious leaders with an interest in personal growth

persoonlijke en professionele groei


Program 1

Create your vision for the next 3 years and witness your business shift into a higher gear

Program 2

Elevate your emotions to a higher standard and disconnect your happiness from outcomes. You are not your company

Program 3

Create a culture of happy employees, collaboration, and high productivity

Program 4

Personal coaching.
Highly flexible and personalized program, to be discussed based on the coaching needs

Program 5

Lift your business to the next level.
This is the total package, where we establish a long-term relationship to elevate your business to the next level.



Would you like to learn more about MAVA Coaching’s offering?
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