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Who am I?

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MAVA Coaching

Mava Coaching - Business and personal coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders.

Mava Coaching assists entrepreneurs and leaders in creating an inspiring vision and building a high-performing, happy, and collaborative culture, making growth possible and easy, and ensuring that goals/vision are achieved in a positive way for all involved parties.

The aim is to elevate yourself and/or your business to the next level in a way that considers the happiness and well-being of all involved.

Balance between work and life

We consider both the personal side of the entrepreneur/leader as well as the growth of the company. Because, in the end, we are all just human beings with a multitude of emotions and desires, and our lives are more than just work. And all these aspects in our lives affect each other.  At MAVA Coaching, you are in good hands. You are no longer alone.

MAVA Coaching - Your partner in personal and professional growth.

What does MAVA Coaching stand for?

Coaching is guidance through change, so that your desired outcome is achieved faster and easier. MAVA stands for: Motivation, Attitude, Vision, and Actions. 


Your motivation is your reason for making a change. Moving away from frustration toward desire. When this is clear and written down, you can always refer to this and always know why you are doing what you are doing. When in doubt, strong intrinsic motivation is a handhold and a reminder that can motivate you and your team over and over again, keeping you going even in difficult circumstances.


The attitude you take towards your goal, yourself, your team, your company, your future, ...  Your attitude is how you show up, what energy you radiate and what you believe ➡️ Believe in yourself, believe in your team, believe in your goal, believe in your abilities. We focus on a positive, energetic, and friendly attitude that enables change. We disconnect your sense of happiness from the results, reducing fear and stress significantly, and making creativity, openness, and collaboration easier.


Your vision is the clarity you have about the outcome you desire in the future and the effectiveness of your communication of this outcome so that everyone involved knows exactly what you desire, making change towards your desired outcome possible.


No change without actions. Once motivation, attitude and vision are clear, it's time to turn everything into reality. Now you and your team are going to do it. This is the step from creation to reality. The focus here is on execution and staying in action, overcoming the challenges of this change, and building new habits to ensure sustainability. Action involves both doing and communicating. What you communicate and how you communicate it largely determines the results you achieve.

Coaching voor ondernemers


What if it were possible to grow, expand and advance beyond your current imagination? To create a future so inspiring that people are eager to work for you. To overcome the barriers, you keep running into in a way that leaves you happy and healthy. Less stress, less frustration, less anxiety, more happiness, more health, more energy, more fun, better performance, more time for family and other important activities in your life AND at the same time still growing and advance faster than before. What if this were possible. What if leadership could be much easier, and your team could perform exceptionally well and be happy without you having to put a lot of effort or make a lot of adjustments. What if this were possible? Would you be interested? 


I envision a future where people enjoy their work, collaborate willingly, support and encourage each other, where everyone knows exactly what they are working towards and the significance of their task in the whole. Where everyone feels safe, heard, seen, inspired, and possesses the energy and creativity to make the impossible possible.

I see a future where we no longer work solely for money, status or because that is the way it is in society. Instead, we come to work because we are inspired to create a particular future, to provide a service at which we excel, together with our colleagues, partners, suppliers, ... We enjoy taking up challenges together and take pride in contributing to something meaningful. Financial reward becomes a consequence, no longer the sole objective.

It is the mission of MAVA Coaching to guide you in making this a reality for yourself and your business.

Motivatie, Attitude, Visie en Acties


Our mission is to create and unite growth with happiness and well-being for all involved. 
We achieve this through coaching, consulting, training, workshops, and seminars.


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